From 100 feet above to a fraction of an inch between, we pay the utmost attention to detail as we build your home with precision and efficiency.

The Bay Vista team brings a diverse set of skills and experience, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of fine homebuilding.

Although from varied backgrounds, our team shares a common vision and values: a passion for building, a devotion to our homeowners and clients, and a dedication to building exquisite homes.

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Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.

We manage the project, not vice versa.
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Why choose Us?

Our Mission.

Care even goes into the things you don't see.
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What we Do.

We build relationships. Then homes.
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“To us, building a home is much more than
concrete, wood and steel.
It’s a philosophy. ”

How We Work

We bring commercial-level management skills to your
hand-crafted home or remodel

Open Work Style

We value transparency, collaboration, candid communication and integrity.

Technology Focused

We utilize technology to provide sophisticated project management and control.

Solution Oriented

We anticipate and solve problems before they occur providing alternatives and recommendations.

Team focused

We work with only the finest craftsmen and subcontractors who share our dedication to quality and continuous improvement.

Detail Obsessed

We pay meticulous attention to all the details, from site selection to move-in and beyond.

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